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Gator Nation.

As Gators, we're motivated by more than winning. It's about answering to a higher calling and playing for a purpose greater than ourselves. It's a difference seen on the field and heard across campus. It's why we've been able to fill stadiums and trophy shelves. It's what happens when you’re more than an individual, more than a team. We're one nation. And when we're united, we're unstoppable.


UF student-athletes have earned a total of 120 Academic All-America honors since 1992.


UF is the only SEC school to place 100 or more student-athletes on the Academic Honor Roll each of the last 22 years.


UF is the only program to finish among the nation’s top 10 in each of the last 36 national all-sports standings.



We are committed to building athletes that are dominant on and off the field. As Gators, earning a degree is just as important as winning a title. UF not only leads the SEC, but we score a top-10 national ranking in Academic All-Americans. 

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The state-of-the-art academic center helps Gators reach their goals

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Sport Concussion

UF is one of only 15 institutions invited by the NCAA and the Department of Defense to do concussion research.

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Eating right is essential when you are an athlete, which is why we’ve invested in a new nutrition facility for our athletes.

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The Rowdy Reptiles were recently voted one of the best student fan sections in the NCAA.


Winning is just one of our favorite gameday traditions. For 10 years students have lined the sidewalk across from The Swamp the night before every home game for a chance at getting a weekly 'Beat' T-shirt. Two and a half hours prior to each home game, fans gather at the north end of the stadium to welcome the players into The Swamp. Welcome to The Gator Nation.


Our campus boasts one of the best overall athletic programs and facilities anywhere. Learn more about what it takes to make that happen.

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